Browser support for CSS3 and mobile Microformats

CSS Beauty spotted a comparison of CSS3 support in browsers based on webkit. Importantly, it shows that Safari on the iPhone is not the same as the PC and Mac versions.

Speaking of new support, check out the Opera Mini beta demo for the new version 4, my tests proved it includes microformat support, the first I’ve seen for a mobile device (I don’t have a smartphone or iPhone to hand).

Update 25 July 2007 - I think a mixture of haste, frustration and wishful thinking prompted that statement. I’m feeling stupid. Thanks to John for asking where I got that from, looks like I totally misunderstood what I saw in the demo. This is why my blog is called ‘lite’ coz I normally leave the techie discoveries to other people as it’s just not my fortay, I now realise I should’ve stuck to that, oops. Sorry for that, please totally disregard.

Posted on Monday 23 July 2007.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the test pages!

    Do you have any info on the microformat support in opera mini? I can’t find that anywhere

    thanks again


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