The following are a few of the projects I have worked on recently that I believe show different aspects of my abilities. I will add to this section over time.

Festive Campaign

Festive Campaign.
Completed December ’08

Retailer based Christmas campaign to get more email sign ups. After identifying a group of retailers that would be interesting to the largest audience, I put together the wording, typography and layouts of these images.

Ikea Idea

Ikea idea example work.
Completed January ’08

A page to show my coding skills and my ability to convert a static design into a web page. This design uses a page from the current Ikea (printed) catalogue.

Read the description.

Tong Long Kung Fu

Tong Long Academy.
Completed in 2007.

I worked with the teacher of a Manchester based Kung Fu school to create a promotional website and print quality flyer. I used original images to create the layout and advised the site owner on the page copy.