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Extending the font-family

A List Apart posted an article this week describing how fonts could and should be more exciting on the web. As a bonus, it links to two free font creators Ray Larabie and Dieter Steffmann. Great work, I’ve already … Read more »

The Face of Big Brother (tabloid? me? never)

Thanks to Sarah Hepworth for this. I’m so trusting, I hadn’t thought this far, had you? Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook? A quick google also brought this up: Big Brothers, Big Facebook: Your Orwellian Community… Read more »


Phil spotted Streetviewr, a collection of interesting images from Google Street View. However you can’t add your own just yet, google says “we’re not accepting photo submissions”. Wow, think what that could do when combined with something like … Read more »


It makes sense that language use is interesting to people who work on the web. We write it and we create it e.g. Top 10 Worst Web App Names. Web entrepreneurs are hacking together new services and new names … Read more »

Blueprint your CSS

Still a work in progress, Blueprint is a CSS framework that’s for the experienced designer who doesn’t want to always be reinventing the wheel, or the newbie who needs a helping hand to achieve great results. There’s been a buzz … Read more »

Real World Accessibility

Unfortunately I can’t justify the expense for this, but others may find it useful, Real World Accessibility, only one day away. Update 7 August 2007: Linked to this is the Public Sector Web Managers Group. I *guess* it’s … Read more »