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More web dev browser extensions

Rik has put together a round-up (and the update) of probably the most useful developer tools for various browsers. Some new, some old, there’s a collection of add-ons to hopefully make any web-head’s life just that bit simpler. A … Read more »

I don’t hate Facebook, honest…

Another articulate view on Facebook. I can see myself subscribing to Sarah’s feed.… Read more »

Browser support for CSS3 and mobile Microformats

CSS Beauty spotted a comparison of CSS3 support in browsers based on webkit. Importantly, it shows that Safari on the iPhone is not the same as the PC and Mac versions. Speaking of new support, check out the Opera Mini … Read more »

My 2Faced-book, or Facebook2?

I usually start with the premise that whatever we do in the real world can be replicated on the web. So social networking sites are great aren’t they? Human interaction in the real world translates seemlessly to the web, doesn’t … Read more »

Free calls, links galore & @media (again)

Links that I’ve come across over the last couple of weeks: The @media 2007 podcasts have been released (for the first day anyway). posted a piece about Co.mments. Anyone who knows me will understand that anything that aids … Read more »


I gotta say it… In my view the marketing minds behind O2 (the mobile phone people) are doing a great job. My reasons? I thought the O2 Wireless Festival (London) was excellent (some stomping headline acts); I get excited and … Read more »