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On Friday I went to Minibar, the first to present was Charles Armstrong from Trampoline Systems on the practicalities of crowdfunding. These are my notes, they may not make complete sense, although they are reworked somewhat from what I … Read more »

V&A Connects – with onedotzero

Yesterday evening I went to a talk hosted by the V&A, entitled “Digital Futures: Storytelling in the Digital Domain“. The following is a reworking of my notes from the event, they are still pretty much as I … Read more »

Digital Democracy

The more information governments (or their agents) collect on the individual, the more power we give them. Without a digital democracy we must trust that this power is used wisely and with restraint. Read more »

To Be Contd…

I’ve been quiet on here for some time, only because I’ve been busy running a marathon and starting a new job… all normal stuff :) If you’ve been around you may have seen that I’ve been adding to my bookmarks… Read more »

Open and Social Week

My previous post looks like a rant. I think the events of Tuesday allowed a long running issue I had with Government (mostly web) security to spill out. The post was quickly written. I’m usually not as apparently irate, I’m … Read more »

On the spur of the moment

Using QuickTime VR, has collected immersive images of new year’s eve 2006 in over 15 cities across the globe. I particularly like Times Square; there’s so much going on and if you look up you can see … Read more »

The Face of Big Brother (tabloid? me? never)

Thanks to Sarah Hepworth for this. I’m so trusting, I hadn’t thought this far, had you? Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook? A quick google also brought this up: Big Brothers, Big Facebook: Your Orwellian Community… Read more »

My 2Faced-book, or Facebook2?

I usually start with the premise that whatever we do in the real world can be replicated on the web. So social networking sites are great aren’t they? Human interaction in the real world translates seemlessly to the web, doesn’t … Read more »

Free calls, links galore & @media (again)

Links that I’ve come across over the last couple of weeks: The @media 2007 podcasts have been released (for the first day anyway). posted a piece about Co.mments. Anyone who knows me will understand that anything that aids … Read more »

@media2007, day one

My brief notes from day one of the @media conference 2007. These are the sessions that I attended, I’ll hopefully link to podcasts as they become available, I’m also going to search out notes and presentation slides from the sessions … Read more »


YouTube takes the form of something more meaningful and focussed – CitizenTube. Ain’t the Web great?! Example – I now know that, as of April ’07, mothers in Alabama don’t get access to certified professional midwives. Random I know, … Read more »

What is a blog anyway?

Personal vs. Professional.The etiquette of blogs has intrigued me for some time. So much so that I didn’t dare keep one myself for fear of contravening some unwritten rule obvious to a veteran of the Blogosphere but completely alien to … Read more »

Lulu Blooker prize

Fiction, non-fiction and comics are all sections in this Blog-to-Book contest at the annual Lulu Blooker Prize. Check out the short-list for this year. So many books, I wish I could read faster :P… Read more »

Back to blogging…

We’ll see how this blogging carrys on, I really need to keep it up or else links gets lost and I forget my references, anyway, I caught this and really needed to record it…From Cameron Moll’s SXSW blogpost, check … Read more »


Twitter looks like a good idea, although apparently it doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations, just simply writing an online log of what you’re doing makes sense, you can share bits with whomever you choose and record your activities, ideas, links etc:… Read more »