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Microsoft help with IE6 and IE7 niggles

Microsoft Virtual PC has been refreshed. Good, because it’s been a God-send for Internet Explorer 6 testing. If you don’t know what that means, check out the background on this.Also, MS have gone as far as creating a … Read more »

404, Mystery, SXSW and puppies!

Random to say the least, but I found myself reading all of it just in case I missed something. Lots to mull over in Kathy Sierra’s post. It includes a personal view from Josh Clark about the importance of … Read more »

Milky milky

Nothing to do with accessibility etc, but I found this milk promotion fun (if a little shameless): to Danny for pointing it out.… Read more »

Lulu Blooker prize

Fiction, non-fiction and comics are all sections in this Blog-to-Book contest at the annual Lulu Blooker Prize. Check out the short-list for this year. So many books, I wish I could read faster :P… Read more »

Back to blogging…

We’ll see how this blogging carrys on, I really need to keep it up or else links gets lost and I forget my references, anyway, I caught this and really needed to record it…From Cameron Moll’s SXSW blogpost, check … Read more »