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Homage to the Nokia n95

The phone isn't perfect and there's lots of other software I haven't mentioned, but I thought I should acknowledge this phone's 15 months service to me before I upgrade. Read more »

A week is a long time…

Time is pretty scarce, so here is a brief roundup of links/events/opinions that have come my way… If it didn’t make sense the title is a reference to a quote from Harold Wilson, it seemed fitting given Opera’s move … Read more »

My first look at Android

What’s the point of the web if you can’t receive and send information as and when you want it? Google seems to know this and so, for those that haven’t heard, they’ve released the SDK for their mobile platform Android.… Read more »

Leopard Accessibility Lowdown

Today Roger Johansson highlighted the new accessibility features in Mac Leopard, released last Friday. A quick search on Google brought up a webcast entitled “Mac OS X Leopard Accessibility Update” arranged by MacLearning featuring Mike Shebanek, Senior … Read more »

Apple iPod Touch

Yes I was busy today. But at 6pm (BST) I downed tools and watched blogs covering the Apple Special Event introducing the new Shuffle, Nano, iPod Classic and new iPod Touch (that last one is an … Read more »

I don’t hate Facebook, honest…

Another articulate view on Facebook. I can see myself subscribing to Sarah’s feed.… Read more »

My 2Faced-book, or Facebook2?

I usually start with the premise that whatever we do in the real world can be replicated on the web. So social networking sites are great aren’t they? Human interaction in the real world translates seemlessly to the web, doesn’t … Read more »

Free calls, links galore & @media (again)

Links that I’ve come across over the last couple of weeks: The @media 2007 podcasts have been released (for the first day anyway). posted a piece about Co.mments. Anyone who knows me will understand that anything that aids … Read more »

BumpTop & Surface

Anand Agarawala presents BumpTop, similar in interface methaphor to Microsoft’s recently annouced Surface. However the user interaction method means that BumpTop simply extends many of the conventions found in current computer interfaces. Surface is moving more towards a … Read more »

Back to blogging…

We’ll see how this blogging carrys on, I really need to keep it up or else links gets lost and I forget my references, anyway, I caught this and really needed to record it…From Cameron Moll’s SXSW blogpost, check … Read more »

Spry, Adobe framework for AJAX

Some discussion on the Spry framework from Adobe labs.… Read more »

iPhone, iWant one…

Lots of people are posting about the Apple iPhone, quite right really, it’s damn good. The only thing that could potentially frustrate me about it is the apparent lack of T9 text input that I’ve used on all my … Read more »