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Justifying font choices

Web fonts are nothing new. Support for @font-face has been available since Internet Explorer 4 and the CSS3 specification is being designed to standardise this innovation. So why have I been on such a roller-coaster ride with them? The problem … Read more »

What I didn’t know about HTML5

(Plus a little bit of CSS3). Bruce Lawson from Opera software came to Skillsmatter on Wednesday night to talk about HTML5 (video here). What follows are my notes. I’m not an HTML5 boffin, but I did start to … Read more »

@media 2009

I volunteered for this year’s conference so I was there from 6am packing bags then later answering questions and just generally helping out where needed. I did manage to attend a few sessions so what follows is a brief review … Read more »

6 million user website

Several years ago I remember taking part in an online survey somewhere on the BBC website. It was geared towards understanding what I, as a user, wanted to see in future developments. I made the effort to stop and take … Read more »

A week is a long time…

Time is pretty scarce, so here is a brief roundup of links/events/opinions that have come my way… If it didn’t make sense the title is a reference to a quote from Harold Wilson, it seemed fitting given Opera’s move … Read more »

Does your screen reader read phone numbers properly?

I write this on the understanding that I don’t often get technical, so there may be glaring errors/omissions that you’re welcome to point out. Having recently looked at accessibility in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) I started playing around with VoiceOver… Read more »

Extending the font-family

A List Apart posted an article this week describing how fonts could and should be more exciting on the web. As a bonus, it links to two free font creators Ray Larabie and Dieter Steffmann. Great work, I’ve already … Read more »

Blueprint your CSS

Still a work in progress, Blueprint is a CSS framework that’s for the experienced designer who doesn’t want to always be reinventing the wheel, or the newbie who needs a helping hand to achieve great results. There’s been a buzz … Read more »

Browser support for CSS3 and mobile Microformats

CSS Beauty spotted a comparison of CSS3 support in browsers based on webkit. Importantly, it shows that Safari on the iPhone is not the same as the PC and Mac versions. Speaking of new support, check out the Opera Mini … Read more »

@media2007, day one

My brief notes from day one of the @media conference 2007. These are the sessions that I attended, I’ll hopefully link to podcasts as they become available, I’m also going to search out notes and presentation slides from the sessions … Read more »


Information on what Opera is currently working on to implement CSS3 in future versions of the browser, also a description of what each of the new selectors does:… Read more »