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Is the iPad for creating or consuming?

As an avid Apple follower and a web designer I’m interested to know. I saw Apple demo an iPad version of iWorks, but will this thing work for real-world productivity? If it’s just for consuming, then it’s all set up … Read more »


On Friday I went to Minibar, the first to present was Charles Armstrong from Trampoline Systems on the practicalities of crowdfunding. These are my notes, they may not make complete sense, although they are reworked somewhat from what I … Read more »

V&A Connects – with onedotzero

Yesterday evening I went to a talk hosted by the V&A, entitled “Digital Futures: Storytelling in the Digital Domain“. The following is a reworking of my notes from the event, they are still pretty much as I … Read more »

On the spur of the moment

Using QuickTime VR, has collected immersive images of new year’s eve 2006 in over 15 cities across the globe. I particularly like Times Square; there’s so much going on and if you look up you can see … Read more »

University Content Management ;P

Reading .net today I noticed an article by Patrick Lauke comparing bespoke page production to framework or CMS based methods (“The artisan and the mass-producer“, p. 94, November ’07 edition). He uses the University of Salford as the … Read more »

Free calls, links galore & @media (again)

Links that I’ve come across over the last couple of weeks: The @media 2007 podcasts have been released (for the first day anyway). posted a piece about Co.mments. Anyone who knows me will understand that anything that aids … Read more »


I gotta say it… In my view the marketing minds behind O2 (the mobile phone people) are doing a great job. My reasons? I thought the O2 Wireless Festival (London) was excellent (some stomping headline acts); I get excited and … Read more »