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Mac ads UK

I spotted a poster advertising the Apple UK ads, starring Mitchell and Webb last night while travelling back through the tube. So I checked it out today. By coincidence, Andy Clarke has commented. I think Andy misses the point … Read more »

faux 3D 2D buttons, so cool (aqua in fact)

This article by Veerle was spotted by Phil, good reference to where to start with buttons. I’m quite sure the same effects can be produced in Photoshop as well as Illustrator (although probably easier in the latter).… Read more »


Twitter looks like a good idea, although apparently it doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations, just simply writing an online log of what you’re doing makes sense, you can share bits with whomever you choose and record your activities, ideas, links etc:… Read more »

Spry, Adobe framework for AJAX

Some discussion on the Spry framework from Adobe labs.… Read more »


Information on what Opera is currently working on to implement CSS3 in future versions of the browser, also a description of what each of the new selectors does:… Read more »

Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!

Cameron Moll’s blog post pointed me to his job listing site, quite interesting at the moment: - although judging by the current listings it would require a relocation to the states. - Seems to be more in my … Read more »

AJAX for the rest of us

Jeremy Keith has completed a book about AJAX for non-programmers, woohoo!, he mentions his blog specifically about DOMscripting…… Read more »

iPhone, iWant one…

Lots of people are posting about the Apple iPhone, quite right really, it’s damn good. The only thing that could potentially frustrate me about it is the apparent lack of T9 text input that I’ve used on all my … Read more »

Development tools

Virtual PC with Internet Explorer 6 (to run IE7 and 6 concurrently): for Windows (KHTML rendering engine supposedly with the same tweeks as Safari on the Mac):… Read more »

Ammo for the inevitable liquid vs. fixed layout discussion

This post is a wealth of information and analysis, very useful comment from Jeremy Keith:, and very interesting, some research on browser size:… Read more »

Funky designs to be perused at leisure

I especially like, totally off the wall (but the rest are all very good/inspirational).… Read more »

Typography and Whitespace

After a great article by Mark Boulton on Alistapart, one of the comments posted is a reminder of a site I’ve been lead to before but never documented: …and the acompanying book, The Elements of Typographic Style.Also, … Read more »

First post, but useful

Usability Professionals’ Association, Conference Podcast 2006 Synchronise Google Canlendar with Outlook – useful tool? Texture King Free Stock Images … Read more »