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Justifying font choices

Web fonts are nothing new. Support for @font-face has been available since Internet Explorer 4 and the CSS3 specification is being designed to standardise this innovation. So why have I been on such a roller-coaster ride with them? The problem … Read more »

@media 2009

I volunteered for this year’s conference so I was there from 6am packing bags then later answering questions and just generally helping out where needed. I did manage to attend a few sessions so what follows is a brief review … Read more »

Extending the font-family

A List Apart posted an article this week describing how fonts could and should be more exciting on the web. As a bonus, it links to two free font creators Ray Larabie and Dieter Steffmann. Great work, I’ve already … Read more »


Mix rich colour, programming and a cool graphic design flair and you get Trafik. Currently a feature at apple. Gorgeous.… Read more »

@media2007, day one

My brief notes from day one of the @media conference 2007. These are the sessions that I attended, I’ll hopefully link to podcasts as they become available, I’m also going to search out notes and presentation slides from the sessions … Read more »

Typography and Whitespace

After a great article by Mark Boulton on Alistapart, one of the comments posted is a reminder of a site I’ve been lead to before but never documented: …and the acompanying book, The Elements of Typographic Style.Also, … Read more »