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University Content Management ;P

Reading .net today I noticed an article by Patrick Lauke comparing bespoke page production to framework or CMS based methods (“The artisan and the mass-producer“, p. 94, November ’07 edition). He uses the University of Salford as the … Read more »

@media 07

When you’ve a conference on your doorstep with big names from the web world turning up, it’s an insult to those not in the same position if you don’t go. How could I not? And it was well worth it, … Read more »

What is a blog anyway?

Personal vs. Professional.The etiquette of blogs has intrigued me for some time. So much so that I didn’t dare keep one myself for fear of contravening some unwritten rule obvious to a veteran of the Blogosphere but completely alien to … Read more »

Jobs Jobs Jobs!!!

Cameron Moll’s blog post pointed me to his job listing site, quite interesting at the moment: - although judging by the current listings it would require a relocation to the states. - Seems to be more in my … Read more »