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Undercover User Experience

Notes from Cennydd Bowles‘ presentation at London Web on Thursday 15 July 2010. Cennydd is currently at Clearleft. The User Experience (UX) disease Some businesses get user experience, but for every one that does there are 999 that … Read more »

Google User Experience Research

Last Thursday evening I went to a talk hosted by the UKUPA at LBi. The following is a reworking of my notes from the event. As always, they may not be accurate, typos may exist and it may not … Read more »

Autism, the Internet (and Antelopes)

The second talk for Standards.Next. Jamie Knight ( is a special kind of web person, he does design and development, and he does both well. See Jamie’s presentation notes and slides – I’m afraid to say I … Read more »

Accessibility Beyond Code

I was happy to catch the Standards.Next event on Saturday 19 September at City University. After a brief hiccup getting the projector to work, the seminar started with Antonia Hyde’s presentation. Antonia ( has been working in … Read more »

@media 2009

I volunteered for this year’s conference so I was there from 6am packing bags then later answering questions and just generally helping out where needed. I did manage to attend a few sessions so what follows is a brief review … Read more »

Homage to the Nokia n95

The phone isn't perfect and there's lots of other software I haven't mentioned, but I thought I should acknowledge this phone's 15 months service to me before I upgrade. Read more »

6 million user website

Several years ago I remember taking part in an online survey somewhere on the BBC website. It was geared towards understanding what I, as a user, wanted to see in future developments. I made the effort to stop and take … Read more »

Jeff on Data Design

Jeff Veen‘s presentation is just as relevant to me now as it was when I took notes back in June. I listened intently since this man’s work history includes setting up the industry leading Adaptive Path and working … Read more »

New Year Gesture

Iain recently reminded me of a website I think I’d seen before, but not recorded: It’s an experiment in not clicking. The website is built in Flash and, after an introduction, actually chastises the user in the event … Read more »

Open and Social Week

My previous post looks like a rant. I think the events of Tuesday allowed a long running issue I had with Government (mostly web) security to spill out. The post was quickly written. I’m usually not as apparently irate, I’m … Read more »

Does your screen reader read phone numbers properly?

I write this on the understanding that I don’t often get technical, so there may be glaring errors/omissions that you’re welcome to point out. Having recently looked at accessibility in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) I started playing around with VoiceOver… Read more »

Leopard Accessibility Lowdown

Today Roger Johansson highlighted the new accessibility features in Mac Leopard, released last Friday. A quick search on Google brought up a webcast entitled “Mac OS X Leopard Accessibility Update” arranged by MacLearning featuring Mike Shebanek, Senior … Read more »

Boundless Inspiration

I was reading a booklet called Poise from a recent Indy. In it, there’s a quote from Michael Rodber designer of the EuroStar trains. He says, Design is not like fine art, where there are no boundaries. The challenge … Read more »

BumpTop & Surface

Anand Agarawala presents BumpTop, similar in interface methaphor to Microsoft’s recently annouced Surface. However the user interaction method means that BumpTop simply extends many of the conventions found in current computer interfaces. Surface is moving more towards a … Read more »

@media2007, day one

My brief notes from day one of the @media conference 2007. These are the sessions that I attended, I’ll hopefully link to podcasts as they become available, I’m also going to search out notes and presentation slides from the sessions … Read more »

404, Mystery, SXSW and puppies!

Random to say the least, but I found myself reading all of it just in case I missed something. Lots to mull over in Kathy Sierra’s post. It includes a personal view from Josh Clark about the importance of … Read more »

Milky milky

Nothing to do with accessibility etc, but I found this milk promotion fun (if a little shameless): to Danny for pointing it out.… Read more »

Keep it simple stupid

That phrase has popped into my head on more than a few occasions recently (I guess some people will be bored of me saying it). So it was refreshing to see Joe Clarke’s deconstruction of signage on the Toronto public … Read more »

iPhone, iWant one…

Lots of people are posting about the Apple iPhone, quite right really, it’s damn good. The only thing that could potentially frustrate me about it is the apparent lack of T9 text input that I’ve used on all my … Read more »

First post, but useful

Usability Professionals’ Association, Conference Podcast 2006 Synchronise Google Canlendar with Outlook – useful tool? Texture King Free Stock Images … Read more »