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Open and Social Week

My previous post looks like a rant. I think the events of Tuesday allowed a long running issue I had with Government (mostly web) security to spill out. The post was quickly written. I’m usually not as apparently irate, I’m … Read more »

Over and over and over and over….

It happens over and over again. Today the BBC reported that Her Majesty’s (HM) Revenue and Customs has lost the bank details of 15 million(!) child support recipients, apparently that’s all of them. The story is probably going to develop … Read more »

On the spur of the moment

Using QuickTime VR, has collected immersive images of new year’s eve 2006 in over 15 cities across the globe. I particularly like Times Square; there’s so much going on and if you look up you can see … Read more »

My first look at Android

What’s the point of the web if you can’t receive and send information as and when you want it? Google seems to know this and so, for those that haven’t heard, they’ve released the SDK for their mobile platform Android.… Read more »

Does your screen reader read phone numbers properly?

I write this on the understanding that I don’t often get technical, so there may be glaring errors/omissions that you’re welcome to point out. Having recently looked at accessibility in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) I started playing around with VoiceOver… Read more »

University Content Management ;P

Reading .net today I noticed an article by Patrick Lauke comparing bespoke page production to framework or CMS based methods (“The artisan and the mass-producer“, p. 94, November ’07 edition). He uses the University of Salford as the … Read more »