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Autism, the Internet (and Antelopes)

The second talk for Standards.Next. Jamie Knight ( is a special kind of web person, he does design and development, and he does both well. See Jamie’s presentation notes and slides – I’m afraid to say I … Read more »

Open and Social Week

My previous post looks like a rant. I think the events of Tuesday allowed a long running issue I had with Government (mostly web) security to spill out. The post was quickly written. I’m usually not as apparently irate, I’m … Read more »

The Face of Big Brother (tabloid? me? never)

Thanks to Sarah Hepworth for this. I’m so trusting, I hadn’t thought this far, had you? Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook? A quick google also brought this up: Big Brothers, Big Facebook: Your Orwellian Community… Read more »

I don’t hate Facebook, honest…

Another articulate view on Facebook. I can see myself subscribing to Sarah’s feed.… Read more »

My 2Faced-book, or Facebook2?

I usually start with the premise that whatever we do in the real world can be replicated on the web. So social networking sites are great aren’t they? Human interaction in the real world translates seemlessly to the web, doesn’t … Read more »