iPhone, iWant one…

Lots of people are posting about the Apple iPhone, quite right really, it’s damn good. The only thing that could potentially frustrate me about it is the apparent lack of T9 text input that I’ve used on all my recent phones (well Steve Jobs didn’t mention it in his demo).I’ve become accustomed to texting with one hand, as I’m usually doing it when on the move, it leaves my other hand free to open doors, carry items and be generally more useful. Then again, when I get to try one I may find the QWERTY software keyboard changes the way I text, but at the moment I can’t see that happening. So, seeing Steve having to cradle it with one hand and point with the other doesn’t make it look as easy as my SonyEricsson W810i when performing probably my most regularly used function.Anyhoo, some useful posts and discussion about the features of this great gadget plus some insight into how it may (or may not) change the web:

Posted on Thursday 11 January 2007.

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  1. [...] Plus, Palm is quite rightly worried about the iPhone, so much so they’ve hired Paul Mercer. I still think Apple has every reason to feel confident, however the industry reaction in the coming year will be interesting to see. [...]

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