Free calls, links galore & @media (again)

Links that I’ve come across over the last couple of weeks:

  • The @media 2007 podcasts have been released (for the first day anyway).
  • posted a piece about Co.mments. Anyone who knows me will understand that anything that aids keeping track of stuff must be a good thing.
  • The Simpsons Movie website is totally flash based (boo), but totally fun (yay). Still under development (all locations except Mo’s Tavern are ‘coming soon’ – a phrase I dislike) but what’s there has a good quirky feel to it. On the downside I haven’t managed to register (I guess a problem with my network connection?) and downloading the mobile screensavers seems to only be an option available to people in the US. Does this fit with anyone else’s experience?
  • are offering free – yes *free* – international mobile-to-mobile calls (land-line handsets must have a display). It’s a new application of VoIP and a nifty way around the problem of not having a VoIP ready gadget, required by networks such as Skype. Rebtel seems more convenient than the rest, but what’s the line quality like? I haven’t tried this service yet and my only experience of VoIP was back in 2001 while at Uni (trying to save money on phone calls home), suffice to say the line drop-outs were so numerous I gave up. I have high hopes about this tho…
  • Thanks Phil for pointing this out, Photosynth & Seadragon. This kind of technology opens up a world of possibility.
  • Found these at the wireless festival, really fun, Music Monster.

Posted on Tuesday 10 July 2007.

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