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This post is of a rarely personal nature and only a stub for the main message. I’m hoping to point people there over the coming months.

Friends, family and other interested people – I’m running the London Marathon 2008 and I’d appreciate your help. I’m aiming to raise money for WaterAid. This charity helps to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to the ‘over a billion people‘ who don’t already have it. The charity itself was also awarded “Britain’s most Admired Charity” in 2006 (according to Wikipedia).

I think it’s a worthy cause and a worthy charity and I hope you’ll agree. Whether you know me or not, you can use this as an excuse to donate as everything you pledge goes straight to the charity through my online donation page. I’ll be leaving a link to the details on the homepage of my site so there’s no excuse, any amount will help. You’ll also make the gruelling 26.2 miles all the more enjoyable! Thanks :)

Posted on Monday 25 February 2008.

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