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I’ve been quiet on here for some time, only because I’ve been busy running a marathon and starting a new job… all normal stuff :)

If you’ve been around you may have seen that I’ve been adding to my bookmarks. I think that list follows the same theme of: things interesting to a front end web geek (i.e. me).

Anyway all of that’s what the point is not, I’m here today to mark the event that was @media 2008. I took notes until my fingers ached (I’ve found it makes my brain remember) and talked to my fellow attendees with my usual passion. I want to get through the 49 pages of scrawl and blog as much as possible, if only to spread the word amongst my new work colleagues, but also to complete a bit of collaboration with my forward thinking friends at Black Marble (we split up between the two conference tracks and reported back).

Having attended many of the design focussed presentations, the theme that came through this year (especially on the first day) was centered around remembering to tell the story. This was a progression on the idea of ‘why?’ that pervades web design (for any new site, there must be a purpose). Through this and more generally I took a great sense from the conference that many of the ideas surrounding our discipline are maturing. Our industry is maturing. The terms that people band about are becoming fleshed out and more widely used. The art and science of web design is gaining a real clarity for me and the general community is now more prepared than ever to take themselves seriously as a ‘proper discipline’ (in the words of Simon Willison, he got an applause for that!).

So ‘Hi’ to everyone I spoke to, this has probably been one of the best conferences I’ve been to, I hope you think so too.

Posted on Sunday 1 June 2008.

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